My way to the voice started early - in my childhood, wich I spent in Iran, surrounded by a foreign, fascinating world and a language I did not unterstand. So I tried to figure out the meaning of the words by feeling completely into the respective sound. In addition, singing, painting and playing piano as a basic experience came together. Music and art became my home and remained until today. I would like to share this feeling of belonging with other people.Singing for me is an expression of inner movement - an act of transformation that can bring us into harmony with the world.The voice doesn´t just reflect what we feel in our heart, it is also a good medium through which we can expand our personal and artistic expressiveness. In this way, I lead and accompany people in workshops, seminars or individual work.I work in a playful way with a wide range of methods.This includes exercises for sound as well as body perception, role and communication games, status and presence work. In addition to the development of vocal and musical skills,the aim is always to gain more scope and ultimately autonomy.This also means recognizing and dissolving self-images, behavioral patterns and inner evaluations, if they inhibit  their own goals. It is always important for me to support self-responsibility and the experience of self efficacy. According my perception, voice work doesn´t have tocorrespond to a certain ideal. More than this, it is intended to assist people in discovering, developing and expressing the individual sound of their voice. In this Intention, I follow the tradition and spirit of Jazzmusic, in wich one of the main work for artists always has been to find and develop their own, individual „Sound“. The Feldenkrais method,the functional voice training and the work of the Roy Hart Theater, which have been a key element of my work for many years, also serve this purpose. They place the emphasis on untrammeled learning, self-regulation and the entire capacity of the voice.



Voicecoaching / Coaching 


if you are interestet in Voicecoaching, please contact me personaly.

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Groups and Workshops



the group has just been startet, and will be offered again in february 2018. Dates will be:  

23.02.2020 //  9.03.2020 // 23.03.2020  // 6.04.2020 // 20.03.2020 // 4.05.2020// 18.05.2020 // 8.06.2020  // 22.06.2020 // 6.07.2020



From 8.09.2020 on Friday from 10:00 to 12:30 in Cologne I offer a biweekly group. In it, you singers, semi-professionals, artists, actors and lay people are invited to introduce their own themes, songs and current work fields and you together with me and the group with the themes of embodying, the voice, of musical interaction and improvisation.In doing so, we will take a closer look at the different laws that take effect on the stage. As a basic theme or screen for these eight events, I would like to introduce you to the "status work" after Stanislav and Johnston, whose forms of play we deepen in the course of the joint work. At the beginning of each lesson, we work with the body, the movement and our posture - exploring their diverse relationships. We deal with the voice in the "system" body, sing songs and practice musical forms of play and improvisation. Every hour offers the space to work with me individually on their own topics and processes. The other participants support, share and accompany their processes and development through their presence and possible feedback. We end our work with a musical form.